Political Campaign Tools

Letter and Email Generator

Generate fundraising letters, press releases, thank you notes, volunteer follow-ups, endorsement requests and more.

AI PR Generator

Event Press Release Generator

Generate political fundraising letters, press releases, thank you notes, volunteer follow-ups, and endorsement requests.


Social Media Post Generator

Coming up with optimized content for different platforms can be challenging. This tool can help.

AI PR Generator

Slogan Suggestions

Need a slogan for your campaign? Answer a few questions, and we’ll provide some ideas.

AI Political Candidate Introduction Tool

Candidate Introduction Generator

Craft a compelling candidate introduction for your website or email list.

AI PR Generator

Resume to Bio Tool

Convert your resume into a narrative that highlights your achievements and potential.

AI Political Issue Generator

Copy Generator

Build your political campaign with persuasive content. Create powerful content that conveys your candidate’s vision and motivates action.

Brochure Content Tool

Are you staring at a blank brochure page, unsure of where to start? We know the feeling.

AI PR Generator

Content Analysis Tool

Want to ensure your web page or other content hits the right notes? This tool provides suggestions on tone, clarity, and more.

AI PR Generator

A/B Analysis Tool

Make data-driven decisions about your ad or fundraising performance. The A/B analysis tool lets you analyze performance and statistical relevance.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR codes for your campaign website, campaign literature, and signs.

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