adwords-logoPay Per Click for political campaigns its usually about spending money, but here we’re going to lay out a process to help you spend LESS on your PPC campaign while better targeting the people you want to reach.

The key to an efficient PPC campaign is to not waste money on keywords that have nothing to do with your campaign. Believe it or not, if your ad shows up for an irrelevant search, there are people who will click on your ad, no matter how ‘off’ it is to their intended search.

For example, if you are targeting ‘TinyTown traffic’ to display an ad about how your campaign feels about the local gridlock situation, there’s a good chance Google might show your ad in a search about ‘TinyTown Auto Dealerships”. This has nothing to do with your campaign, but you will spend money with every irrelevant click – money that would be better spent on more relevant traffic.

To make your campaign more efficient, you’ll want to keep searches containing ‘Dealerships’ from showing your ads. You can set up negative terms by manually adding them through the link way on the bottom of the page under the Keywords tab. That’s a good first step, but there are far more search phrases containing terms you don’t want to target. The only way you will find out about them is after your campaign starts running.

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