While you can upload photos to your website, there are other options available to put a social spin on them. Photo sharing sites allow you to share and promote content, including:

  • Photos and videos from rallies and events.
  • Photos and videos of candidate speeches and commercials.
  • Photos from posts on other platforms (blogs, Facebook, etc.).
  • Images from campaign promotional materials (yard signs, stickers, flyers, etc.).
  • Images of volunteers or supporters with captions describing why they are working for or voting for the candidate.

Photo sharing helps provide transparency and give followers an ‘insiders’ view of the campaign. It can help voters learn more about a candidate on a personal level, too.

When posting image to any service, be sure to add good captions and appropriate hashtags. It is easier for others to share your images when you’ve already provided a good context for them.

Photo sharing accounts aren’t for everyone. If you have limited resources, focus on posting to Facebook, Twitter and your campaign website. If you don’t plan on maintaining other photo sharing accounts, don’t create them.

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